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District Policies

Keene School District Policies Overview

The Keene School District is continually updating policies through its Policy Committee. The committee's web page contains information about committee membership, meeting agendas, minutes and contact information.
Keene School District policies are divided into twelve (12) thematic sections - A through L - which are listed below. To access a particular policy just click on the underlines section, which describes what policies are contained in that section. Once you have clicked on the section you will see all the policies that are listed individually in that section.
To read or download the policy, click on it. If you are unable to download a policy, please contact Cathy Dieter in the SAU29 Superintendent's Office:
G - Admin Procedure Reduction in Force - KAPS

G - Admin Procedure Reduction in Force - Paraprofessional

GAA - Enforcement of Administrative Regulations

GBA - Equal Opportunity Employment (Also AC)

GBAA - Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence

GBC - Conditions of Employment-Personnel Funded Through Other Than District Budget

GBCC - Reciprocity of Benefits

GBCD - Background Investigation And Criminal History Records Check

GBCE - Termination of Employment

GBCF - Exit Interviews

GBE - Employee Responsibilities

GBEA - Staff Ethics

GBEAA - Nepotism

GBEAB - Acceptance of Goods and Services and Use of School Equipment and Time for Personal Business

GBEBA - Staff Dress Code

GBEBB - Employee-Student Relations

GBEC - Drug-Free Workplace (Also ADB, ADC, GBED)

GBEF - Staff Technology Acceptable Use and Social Media Policy

GBGA - Staff Health

GBGAA - Blood-borne Pathogens

GBI - Staff Participation in Political Activities

GBJ - Personnel Records

GBK - Grievances

GCA - Definition of Employee Status

GCBA - Speech Pathologists and School Psych 2016-2020

GCC - Absences

GCCAA - Leave of Absence

GCCAD - Military Leave

GCCBC - Family Medical Leave Act

GCD - Promotion from Within the Staff

GCF - Professional Staff Hiring

GCG - Substitute Teachers

GCI - Employee Development

GCO - Teacher Performance and Evaluation System

GCQ - Professional Staff Termination of Employment

GCQA - KAPS RIF Procedure

GCQA - KSD - RIF School Lunch

GCQA - Reduction in Instructional Staff Work Force

GCQA-L - KSD-RIF School Lunch

GCR - Non-School Employment by Professional Staff Members

GCRD - Tutoring

GCRE - Home Based Tutorial Services

GDBA - Keene School District Health Insurance

GDBB - Fringe Benefits - Keene School Lunch Employee 2018-2019

GDBC - Hours of Work

JBAA - Sexual Harassment and Other Illegal Harassment, Discrimination and Sexual Violence Policy for Students

JBAB - Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students

JEB - Age of Entrance Requirements

JEBB - Assignment of Pupils

JEC - Manifest Educational Hardship

JFAB - Admission of Non-Resident Students

JFABB-R - Admission of Foreign Exchange Students

JFABC - Child Find Policy

JFABD - Admission of Homeless Students

JFABE - Children with Disabilities

JG - Assignment of Students to Classes and Grade Levels

JH - Attendance, Absenteeism, Tardiness and Truancy

JI - Student Rights and Responsibilities (Also JICD)

JI–A - Student Privacy and Security Rights

JIA - Student Due Process Rights

JIC - Student Conduct (Also JICD)

JICB - Academic Honesty Code

JICC - Student Conduct on School Buses

JICD - Student Conduct, Discipline and Due Process

JICDAA - Employee-Student Relations

JICFA - Hazing

JICH - Substance Use by Students

JICI - Weapons on School Property

JICK - Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention (Also JBAA, JIC, JICD, IHBA)

JICL - Student Acceptable Use Policy (Elementary)

JICL - Student Acceptable Use Policy (High School)

JICL - Student Acceptable Use Policy (Middle School)

JIH - Student Search and Seizure

JIHB - Searches of Motor Vehicles on School Property

JJA - Student Activities and Organizations

JJF - Student Activities Fund Management

JJIC - Eligibility for School Athletics

JJICA - Student Activities

JJICB - Athletic and Student Activity Grievance Procedure

JKAA - Use of Restraints and Seclusion

JLA - Pupil Insurance

JLC - Student Health Services

JLCA - Physical Examinations of Students

JLCD - Administering Medication to Students

JLCF - School Wellness Policy

JLCJ - Concussions and Head Injuries

JLCJ - Concussions and Head Injuries Guidelines

JLCK - Special Physical Health Needs of Students

JLD - School Guidance and Counseling Program

JLF - Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

JLIE - Motor Vehicles on High School Property

JRA - Student Records and Access