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Keene School Board of Education Members
Front Row Left to Right: Rossana Rossoukh-Kordana, Rebecca Lancaster, Jaclyn Headings
Back Row Left to Right: Ronald Wright, Scott Ansevin-Allen, Kyle Macie, Raleigh Ormerod, George Downing
Missing from photo: Kris Roberts

Keene Board of Education Goal

Adopted 2020-2021
The Keene School District recognizes the need to create an environment that values diversity
and inclusion in all its forms. The Keene School Board commits to promoting professional
development, educational strategies, hiring practices, policy review, and budgeting to foster a
welcoming and safe place for all.

Non-School Board Positions

District Attorney - Bragdon, Baron, & Kossayda, P.C
District Treasurer - Daniel Antosiewicz
District Clerk - Beth Zinn
District Moderator - Kathleen O'Donnell

School Board Committees and Committee Assignments

In addition to attending full board meetings, School Board members represent the board on committees. The five standing committees of the Keene Board of Education meet at least once a month.

For additional information regarding each committee, please visit our Board Committees web page.



Building Facilities Ancillary Services Committee

The committee develops and monitors, with administration, and the director of building, maintenance, and grounds of Keene, a comprehensive maintenance program. The committee is responsible for the oversight of all school buildings in the district.
Ron Wright – Chair
Jaclyn Headings
Kyle Macie
Kris Roberts

Education Committee

The committee provides advice, guidance, and support to the District regarding the design, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The committee's efforts are performed in concert with the District's mission and Strategic Plan.
Rebecca Lancaster- Chair
Scott Ansevin-Allen
Raleigh Ormerod
Rossana Rossoukh-Kordana

Finance Committee

The committee systematically reviews the financial condition of the district, with administrations, and makes recommendations to the full board on matters of district finance.

Kris Roberts- Chair
Rebecca Lancaster
Raleigh Ormerod
Ron Wright

Personnel Committee

The committee is responsible for presenting nominations of appointment for approval to the full board; and is responsible for facilitating the needs of the "employee" to the full board, as it relates to benefits policies, leaves of absence, and early retirements.

Scott Ansevin-Allen- Chair
Jaclyn Headings
Raleigh Ormerod
Kris Roberts

Policy Review Committee

The committee examines the policies of the district and advises the full board of the status of, and/or any needed changes and improvements. It insures that Keene School District has all policies required by Federal or State law.

George Downing- Chair
Jaclyn Headings
Kyle Macie
Rossana Rossoukh-Kordana

School Liaisons

School Board members are encouraged to become familiar with the entire Keene School District community. Additionally, in order to establish and maintain connections and communication with parents and staff, individual school board members are assigned certain schools where they can serve as a liaison.

Keene High School - Scott Ansevin- Allen
Cheshire Career Center - Rossana Rossoukh-Kordana
Keene Middle School - Jaclyn Headings
Benjamin Franklin Elementary School - Raleigh Ormerod
John H. Fuller Elementary School - Kyle Macie
Symonds Elementary School - Rebecca Lancaster
Wheelock Elementary School - Ron Wright
Jonathan Daniels PreSchool and Keene Community Education - Kris Roberts

SAU 29 - George Downing
NHSBA - Raleigh Ormerod