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Board Committees

Board Committee General Information

The five standing committees of the Keene Board of Education meet at least once a month.

Meeting Schedule

Building Facilities and Ancillary Services Committee

The committee develops and monitors; with administration and the director of buildings, maintenance, and grounds of Keene; a comprehensive maintenance program. The committee is responsible for the oversight of all school buildings within the district.

First Tuesday of the Month, 5:30 p.m.

Education Committee

The committee provides advice, guidance, and support to the district regarding the design, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The committee's efforts are performed in concert with the district's mission and Strategic Plan.

Third Tuesday of the Month, 5:30 p.m.

Finance Committee

The committee systematically reviews the financial condition of the district; with administrators; and makes recommendations to the full board on matters of district finance.
First Tuesday of the Month, upon the conclusion of the Building Facilities Ancillary Services Committee Meeting

Personnel Committee

The committee presents nominations of appointment to the full board; and is responsible for facilitating the needs of the "employee" to the full board, as it relates to benefits policies, leaves of absence, and early retirements.

Second Tuesday of the Month, prior to the monthly full Keene Board of Education meeting.

Policy Review Committee

The committee examines the policies of the district and advises the full board of the status of, and/ or any needed changes and improvements. It insures that Keene School District has all policies required by Federal and State law.

Fourth Tuesday of the Month, 5:30 p.m.